Review Policy

Review Policy

Hello! Here is my review policy:

I DO accept books to review – physical books or ebooks, but I prefer paperbacks/hardbacks, but email me anyway.
I DO accept self-published books, especially if it’s an author I’ve read before but I’ll give everyone a fair look at.
I DO write negative reviews – I don’t believe in only posting good reviews, I believe in total honesty so I’m honest whether I loved it or hated it.

I will try my hardest to review your book as quickly as I can, but I read based on my mood – if I fancy a book I fancy a book, and if I don’t, well, I can’t really help that, but I will try my absolute hardest to get your book read and reviewed within a few weeks.
I don’t rate my books, I feel like you can tell by my review if I loved it or hated it. Though I do rate the books on GoodReads.


Here are a few stats as of August 2016:
I get on average 1,000 page views per week.
I have 1,800 Twitter followers, and growing every week.
I have 561 friends on GoodReads, as well as 265 followers.

Want me to review your book?

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