Why I Made The Move!

Bookish Escapes is dead. Well, not dead. It’s still there, on Weebly, but I have moved to WordPress and changed the name! I am now Girl vs Books which is way, way more accurate a description of my life. I am forever battling my TBR pile (and losing). I wanted to launch properly on September 1st, but I thought why wait? I wanted to do it now, so I did it and I’m pretty happy.

The only problem are the obvious ones: changing my email (I hate that), getting links updated, so people know where I am, getting blog tour posters changed, which makes me cringe and feel so bad. But it’ll be worth it in the end, and we’ll get there. Everyone will know I’ve changed (or not care!) and I will never, ever change again, ever. EVER, do you hear me, EVERRRRR!!!!!


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